South Georgia ADR Welcomes Macon Lawyer Jason Downey as Mediator

South Georgia ADR Welcomes Macon Lawyer Jason Downey as Mediator

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Jason E. Downey of The Downey Law Firm, LLC in Macon, Georgia has joined South Georgia ADR Service as one of their panel mediators. Jason has been a certified mediator for over seven years, and has mediated over 100 matters. He will continue to mediate both civil and domestic cases, with a particular emphasis on personal injury matters. Jason first received his mediation certification in 2008. In 2009, he obtained his certification in domestic mediation. Since that time, Jason has mediated cases all over the State of Georgia for a variety of attorneys in a wide range of matters.

His work as an insurance defense attorney for several years before developing a plaintiff’s personal injury practice helps him as an effective mediator. The experience gained on both sides of the legal spectrum is an instrumental part of why Jason has been a successful mediator many times over.

For more information on South Georgia ADR Service, and how to schedule Jason or any other of their panel mediators for a mediation, contact Rachel McDaniel at 478-746-4524.

You may visit their updated website at www.southgeorgiaadr.com and Jason’s website is www.downeylawga.com .



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